This is a common question I get asked by the clients I see for group exercise or Physio during pregnancy. It seems many think they need to wait to see a physio until 6 weeks after birth or when they get the ‘all clear’ from their doctor (I’ll save my thoughts on the term ‘all clear’ for another post 😉)


I usually say, whenever you feel up to a visit! I think new mums need to plan for their support network early! The more support you can get from people you trust, especially in the early days, the better!

I personally prefer to see you in your own home for an appointment during the first 6 weeks; I want you relaxed in your own environment, not having to worry about timing baby feeds at such an early stage, let along getting out of the house looking half decent! Plus I get to see newborn babies which is a massive perk of the job!

Often my visits start in the first week or two after bub is born, and this isn’t just to get you started on your pelvic floor exercises!

I cover things like:

  • Finding the best feeding positions to reduce strain on your back, neck, shoulders
  • Assessing for rectus diastasis (abdominal separation) and starting some early exercises
  • Discussing any pain you might have and teaching you strategies to help manage it
  • Chatting about your best options for abdominal support
  • Practising getting a good diaphragmatic breath (which can feel VERY strange after pregnancy)
  • Baby wearing, carrying and lifting positions 
  • Starting you on a home exercise program that suits the stage you’re at, the birth you had and your goals.
  • Plus whatever other questions you throw my way!

We do often cover a lot seem and it can seem like information overload…but I always follow it up with (a rather lengthy) summary of our appointment and an online home program with pictures and written cues PLUS my Mums have access to me for questions whenever they feel the need before our next appointment.

If you think you or someone you know might benefit from a post-natal home visit, get in touch! Check out my New Mama Package – it offers great value and will have you feeling empowered and supported on your postpartum journey!

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