Pregnancy and Post Natal

Are you Pregnant and Keen to Start Preparing your Mind and Body for Birth?

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New Mums & Mums To Be

Pregnancy and new motherhood is both exciting and EXHAUSTING! It is also a time in your life when you would like to feel strong and healthy so that you can nurture your own little person. No matter what your body needs…

Glow Physio has you covered!

Our highly experienced physiotherapist can help you with:

  • sacroiliac joint and pubic symphysis dysfunction
  • sciatica during pregnancy
  • back pain and neck pain associated with pregnancy posture, lifting kids and feeding
  • separation of your abdominal muscles after bub
  • recovery from birth
  • pelvic floor dysfunction
  • getting your tummy strong again after bub
  • return to exercise guidance and program devleopment


Pre & postnatal Pilates

Our specialised, small group Pilates classes use a combination of reformer, mat, fitball and band work to keep you feeling strong and fit enough to handle the challenges of pregnancy and new mama-hood. All equipment classes are run in our beautiful Elanora studio. Click here to find out more.

Ask about our GLOW Pregnancy & New Mama Packages

GLOW’s New Mama Package is designed to be used in the first 6 weeks after you baby is born, and aims to:

  • Provide support and guidance in your early recovery
  • Help you to recover from pregnancy and birth
  • Help you feel confident in what you should and shouldn’t be doing
  • Help minimise the risk of common post-partum pains
  • Optimise your positions and postures
  • Give you guidance on returning to exercise so that you can feel strong and capable

You can check out the full package and pricing here or Give us a call or email to find out more!

Not sure what you need?

Why not book a GLOW Antenatal or Postnatal consultation?

We can visit you at home at a time that suits you and discuss your goals and any concerns you might have. We will assess your muscle strength, posture and any pain/dysfunction you have and provide you with an individualised exercise program (with lots of pictures & videos!) and chat about how you can best look after your body at this challenging time.