About Libby

Hi, I’m Libby! I’m a physiotherapist who LOVES helping women feel their best.

I love working with women of all ages, but I particularly enjoy helping women before, during and after pregnancy to feel strong, capable and pain free. I am a mum of three boys and know first-hand how physical this mum gig can be and how important it is to be on top of our game. I also understand how hard it can be for women to make the time to look after themselves – this is where I come in! I want to be on your team; to understand your goals and to empower you to get the results you want.

I love treating pain with a variety of hands on techniques (including massage), education and exercise, helping women prepare for and recover from birth (including treatment of tummy separation and pelvic floor issues) and one of my absolute favourite things is guiding women back into exercise after babies or injury so that they can feel strong and confident in their bodies!

Personally, I’m a recovering perfectionist (which might have something to do with the three boys I mentioned earlier), an eternal optimist and a lover of learning.

It is my mission through my work to help women better understand themselves, to feel strong and proud of what their bodies can do and to feel empowered and confident in looking after themselves so that they can get on with enjoying their lives.

Online bookings are available up to 4 weeks in advance