New Mama Package

GLOW’s New Mama Package is designed to be used in the first 6-12 weeks after you baby is born, and aims to:

Provide support and guidance in your early recovery

Help you to recover from pregnancy and birth

Help you feel confident in what you should and shouldn't be doing

Help minimise the risk of common post-partum pains

Optimise your positions and postures to keep your body happy

Give you guidance on returning to exercise so that you can feel strong and capable

GLOW’s New Mama Package includes:


A Physiotherapy Home visit* (in the first 2 weeks), which includes:

  • assessment of abdominal muscles and any pain or concerns
  • practising early recovery exercises (such as pelvic floor and deep abdominal exercises)
  • early management of abdominal separation (if necessary)
  • assessment of feeding positions and strategies to improve
  • assessment of baby wearing, carrying and lifting positions
  • strategies to reduce risk of pain / injury from caring for new bub – discussion about exercise and when it is safe to start
  • strategies on how you can self-manage any niggles / pain

A tailored home exercise program which can be accessed online, including:

  • mobility exercises to reduce stiffness and minimise pain
  • a foundation strength program, which will be progressed throughout the first 6 weeks

Ongoing access to Physiotherapist

  • Via email / text / phone call for any questions that pop up along the way

An extended Physio Consultation in Clinic (at 6-8 weeks PP) *Can be upgraded to a consultation with a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

  • to discuss and reassess any pain, abdominal separation or other concerns
  • which includes a 30minute physiotherapy-style massage for neck / shoulders / back / as needed to reduce baby-related tension

Recorded Home Workouts

  • Access to 3 online video recorded videos/workouts suitable for the early post-partum stage

A FREE semi-private reformer Pilates Class (after 6 weeks):

  • including Pilates reformer work and weights/strength training
  • bub is welcome!

Package only $297


* Home visits > 15km away from Elanora may incur additional travel fee

Package upgrade options:

* Pelvic floor physio consultation for second appointment ( additional $20)

* Home visit for your second appointment (additional $30)

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