Running During Pregnancy: A Balanced Approach

Whether you should run during pregnancy comes down to the RISK vs BENEFIT for YOU.


🤰the risk to YOU (pelvic floor, joint injury)
👶the risk to BABY (overheating)
⭐️the benefit to BOTH (mental health, exercise benefits)

As a general rule, I often say to my clients:
👉 If you’ve always been a runner and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you can keep it up until it feels uncomfortable.
👉 if you’re new to running, maybe now’s not the time to start! Start with low-intensity exercises instead and gradually increase.
👉 if you’ve had pelvic floor issues before, Consider low-impact exercises instead.
👉 Listen to your body as it changes – when it doesn’t feel good for you anymore, choose something else that does!
👉 Stay cool and avoid overheating while running.

And just steer clear if you’re experiencing any of these
❌chest pain
❌shortness of breath
❌dizziness, nausea, headaches
❌uterine contractions, low back or pelvic pain
❌swelling of ankles, hands or face

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