It’s important to note that there is currently no strong evidence to support exercise cycle syncing…

However, we are cyclical beings 💮

And when we consider the fluctuations in hormones that occur through the month for many women, and in turn our energy and mood, it is understandable that we may crave a different type or different intensity of exercise at different phases of our cycle.

For those of you who have a menstrual cycle, have you ever noticed the type of exercise your body craves varies through the month?⁠

It can be an interesting experiment to take mental (or written) note over a few months of what your body is telling you and what it seems to crave when it comes to exercise.⁠

If this is all new to you, here is a little ‘cheat sheet’ of different types of exercise that often (not always!) correlate with the different stages in your cycle.⁠

Oh and BTW, there are LOTS of other factors that can also affect⁠ our motivation to exercise and the types of exercise we can do (nutrition, sleep, accessibility, phase of healing etc).

So remember, motivation comes AFTER action, not before. But also… be kind to yourself 💙⁠

Do you factor your cycle into your exercise?⁠