I see this type of pain often in clinic especially in Mums feeding and carrying babies and also in desk workers spending a lot of time on their computers.

Often I find the inter scapular muscles are lengthened with poor strength & endurance. Sure it feels good to stretch them, roll them and massage them, but are you finding you’re just not getting anywhere?

Try adding some of these exercises in as well:

1️⃣Chin tucks
You can try these standing against a wall for reference. Allow the head to slide up the wall as your chin tucks down (as if saying a gentle yes) This shouldn’t feel like strain at the front of the neck.

2️⃣Wall angels
With your head and shoulders on wall, bring the back of your forearms to the wall with elbows and shoulders at 90deg. Allow your hands to slide up the wall without hands or elbow moving away.

3️⃣ Scapular protractions and retractions
On hands and knees, push your hands into the ground as you allow your shoulder blades to move away from eachother and around your ribcage, then draw them back in towards eachother. Try not to flex and extend the thoracic spine too much (this isn’t a cat cow stretch!)

4️⃣ Thoracic rotation
On knees and forearms, place one hand not he small of your back. Rotate up as far as you can for 10 reps. Repeat on the other side.

5️⃣ Banded rows (bent & straight arm)
Pull the band towards you, drawing elbow into your side. Stop before your shoulders tip forward, squeezing the rest of the way between your shoulder blades. Maintain long neck position. You can do these with elbows bent to 90deg and with arms straight

6️⃣ Banded external rotation
Keeping your elbow into your side, neck long and shoulder blade set, rotate your forearm out against the resistance of the band. Slow and controlled return.

Have you tried these exercises for your inter scapular pain? (Link to Insta)

PS – If any of these exercises increase your pain or don’t feel comfortable, leave them out and see a physio