Hips can be tricky 🤔

They can give you pain in LOTS of different areas and can play up for LOTS of different reasons.

One of the most common types of hip pain I treat (especially in Mums) is anterior hip pain, which is often described as a pinching pain in the front of the hip or groin.

It is often linked to hip impingement – where the ball and socket of the hip joint repetitively ‘bump’ into each other and can be felt on:
⏺️ Walking
⏺️ Prolonged sitting
⏺️ Bringing a knee to chest
⏺️ Going into a deep lunge/squat

In the Mums I see, it is often related to all of the baby things:
👶changes in posture during and after pregnancy
👶 changes in the way the core muscles function
👶 increased and often asymmetrical load demands of carrying, lifting, rocking babies and toddlers

It’s the kind of pain that makes you want to stretch your hip flexors every which way, in the hope you will ‘stretch it out’, but unfortunately this doesn’t often work because the hip joint is likely already sitting forward in the socket and these stretches just push it further into that position!

So if this sounds like you (or someone you know!) try these exercises instead.

PS Just remember that consultations with a physio can be up to 60mins, so it’s impossible to provide tailored solutions on the gram! These are simply intended to open your mind to some other options, not to replace the need for 1:1 treatment.