Planks can be a great way to strengthen your abdominals & challenge your entire core cylinder in neutral spine.

But they are an exercise that I am often correcting in clinic.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes I see when people do planks:

1️⃣ Sinking in the lower back – this creates extension int he lumbar spine (which can be uncomfortable for some people) and also puts abdominals in a lengthened position making it hard for them to work.
2️⃣ Sinking between the shoulder blades – this can create discomfort in the shoulder joints and also makes it hard for your serrates anterior (scapular stabilisers) and abdominals to be at a good length to work (and thus get stronger!)
3️⃣ Poking chin – this can create tension in the neck and base of head.
4️⃣ Over tucking the pelvis – whilst this might make the abs feel like they’re working harder, it tends to bias the rectus abdomens (6 pack muscle) and doesn’t allow the WHOLE core cylinder to work together
5️⃣ Hips too high – this position just doesn’t allow the abs to work much at all and most people end up feeling planks like this more in the upper traps & shoulders.

Watch the video for some of my favourite cues on getting the most out of your planks.

Hope it helps!