Here are 6 things you’ll never hear me say…

1️⃣ ‘Do you want to go to the toilet, just in case?’ Nope. In fact, I always have a go at my husband when he asks the kids this 😂. Frequently going ‘just in case’ can disrupt our natural bladder signals, impact our bladder capacity and contribute to anxiety.

2️⃣ ‘Try drinking less water so you don’t pee as much’: Hydration is key for overall health and for maintaining optimal bladder function. There are other ways to deal with increased urinary frequency (if it is in fact abnormal!)

3️⃣ ‘You’ve had a caesarian, so don’t worry about your pelvic floor.’: While a caesarian delivery may not directly impact the pelvic floor muscles in the same way as vaginal childbirth, pregnancy itself and the changes it brings can still affect pelvic floor function.

4️⃣ ‘Don’t lift weights/run/squat/do crunches; they’re bad for your pelvic floor.’: Exercise, including strength training and cardio activities, is generally beneficial for overall health, including pelvic floor function. While certain exercises may need to be modified based on individual needs and symptoms, avoiding physical activity altogether is not the solution.

5️⃣ ‘Wetting yourself after having a baby is to be expected.’: While common during pregnancy and after childbirth, incontinence is not ‘normal’ or something to accept as inevitable. It is treatable.

6️⃣ ‘If you don’t have any symptoms, your pelvic floor is fine.’: Pelvic floor issues can be asymptomatic or have subtle symptoms that may go unnoticed. The best way to assess your pelvic floor accurately is with a thorough (internal) pelvic floor assessment.

Were any of these a surprise for you?