For some women, it can be tempting to do more in the early stages after baby because they feel better than they thought they would!

But whether you end up having a caesarian or vaginal delivery – your pelvic floor goes through some stuff!

Not only does it have to stretch to accommodate the increasing weight and size of the baby through the third trimester but it can also be made more vulnerable with hormonal changes in the postnatal period. And of course, if you do have a vaginal birth, it has to stretch a lot more (up to 300%).

Now the pelvic floor is an amazingly resilient group of muscles & tissue, but it still needs som TLC! Especially in the early days after Bub is born.

Here are my top tips for giving your pelvic floor the TLC it needs after birth:

1️⃣ Get horizontal – sitting is not he same thing! So all of that feeding doesn’t count as rest for your pelvic floor.
2️⃣ Pay around with sidelying or reclined feeding positions to get even more horizontal time in
3️⃣ Be mindful of total time spent on your feet in a day – going for a walk, standing at the shops, cooking, hanging out washing – it all adds up!

4️⃣ See your physio! I love seeing women early (in the the first few weeks) and then also recommend a check up at 6 weeks, ideally including a pelvic floor assessment.

5️⃣ Look after your bowels – Use a stool to empty your bowels and make sure you’re getting enough fibre in your diet to minimise straining! Constipation and pelvic floors are NOT friends.

Hope this helps!