Have you heard the one about your weak core being responsible for your low back pain?

Let’s set the record straight and empower ourselves with up to date knowledge 🤓

The research tells us there is more contributing to our pain (especially pain that is persisting) than:
➖your weak core
➖bad posture
➖lifting badly
➖your legs being a different length
➖your spine / pelvis being ‘out’
➖bending too much

Sure, some of these things might have a role (and some are complete bogus 😉) but I’d argue it’s nowhere near as often as people think!

Instead, the factors that are likely contributing to your back pain are:
✔️lack of variety in movement
✔️lack of general fitness & conditioning
✔️not enough sleep
✔️increased or poorly managed stress
✔️increased age
✔️poor general health

Any surprises here for you?

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