Yep, you heard right! My 2 year old has an email address. As does my 4 year old. And I have every intention of creating one for the new bub too once he arrives.

You might be thinking I’m optimistic at best (that I assume my kids have any concept of email) or that I’m just a bit crazy…

But honestly, I think it’s one of the smartest things I’ve ever done!

As the mum of young children, I am often told to cherish these days because they’ll be over before I know it. Every time I recount a story of the funny / cute / interesting things my kids have said or done I think to myself, ‘I should really write this stuff down’… This thought is more often than not followed by a pang of mother’s guilt because I KNOW I should, I WISH I did, but I knew deep down that it was just never going to happen. That is until I read this tip…

Set your kids up with an email address
Send them stories / photos / videos as they happen
Give them the log-in details when they’re old enough to appreciate it

Simple right?

When I first came across this tip I thought it was not only a great idea, but also completely doable. Granted, it took me another few months to get around to just setting up the email address, but now that it’s done it’s so easy! With the multitude of functions available on phones now, I can shoot off a quick email / photo / video / story as it happens directly from my phone.

It’s so easy AND I feel like mother of the year every time I do it! Win-win!

Just one little warning though… prepare to get a bit emotional when you imagine your little people as big people reading these emails.

I do. Every. Single. Time.

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