There is no one perfect exercise program.
We are all built differently and we all have different goals.

But I truly believe more women over 30 should be prioritising strength training.

Here’s why…

💪 Because your muscles will start to lose mass after 30 if you’re not training them
💪 Because your bones are losing mass after 30 too and resistance training can help to minimise your risk of developing osteoporosis
💪 Because having more muscle helps to support your metabolism, giving you a better chance of managing your weight
💪 Because strength training can help to support better hormone balance
💪 Because strength training helps improve joint stability AND flexibility, which just seems to iron out a lot of the niggles and aches that show up as we get older
💪 Because it reduces your risk of diabetes and heart disease, both of which I wouldn’t mind avoiding if I can

But at the end of the day, don’t we all just want to be able to walk without having a fall, open heavy doors on our own, get in and out of low cars / couches and lift up our grandchildren as we get older??

I know I do!

And this is why I love teaching women how to strength train.

My own ‘strength training’ began many years ago whilst I was back at uni studying physiotherapy. The weights room was a lonely place for women back then…

Hopefully by now the myth that women who lift weights get ‘bulky’ has been demystified…It is actually often the opposite!

There are so many benefits to lifting weights for women, some of them you might know already: –

💪 Reduced risk of osteoporosis
💪 Reduced sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass)
💪 Reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer
💪 Reduced body fat
💪 Improved strength & joint stability
💪 Improved flexibility (did you know that one??)

But here are some other ones I love: –

💪 that next day (or two!) muscle soreness, when I know my muscles have been challenged
💪 a feeling my body work as a system to lift a weight – i.e how my breathing and ‘core’ co-ordinate and contribute to the strength
💪 how easy it is to track progression – how much I’m lifting, how many reps etc. I love having a measurable sign that I’m getting stronger
💪 how it makes me feel – stronger, more confident and healthier!

So what about if you’re already doing Pilates or Yoga or HIIT workouts – Isn’t that the same thing?

Well, not necessarily…

If you’re doing a class that is made to suit a large group of people, you might be missing out on ‘Progressive Overload’. This basically means doing more – whether it be reps, weights or difficulty – so that your body remains challenged and continues to step up!

Personally I like doing weights AND Pilates so that each can ‘fill the gaps’ in the other.

How do you get your strength training in?

If you need help getting started, please get in touch with me! I love helping women get comfortable with strength training.