Ever felt that sharp pain in your heel, especially during those first steps in the morning? 🦶

That might just be Plantar Fasciitis.

❌ Put that frozen water bottle away and stop all that stretching.
Try these 5 exercises instead and see if they help!

1. Soft tissue release – Forget rolling! Go for the foot release instead- hold those spots for a few deep breaths or until it eases.
2. Big toe mobilisation -distract, and pull up. Repeat.
3 & 4. Strengthen with Eccentric calf/Plantar fascia raises and heel raises with ball squeeze
5. Ankle dorsiflexion mobility with knee to wall repeated movements

(Watch the video on Instagram HERE)

🔥 Taping can be super helpful when it’s sensitive / aggravated, and a good pair supportive shoes can be a game changer (although we also want your feet happy to be barefoot eventually too 😉 )

All of this combined with good load management, consistency and a bit of patience can work wonders 💪

Reach out if you need help