Ok, I am saying this with the utmost humility and curiosity…

If you are a woman over 30 and you’re not strength training >2x/week, why aren’t you?

I mean why aren’t you, actually?

❓Do you not know where to start?
❓Does it feel like you don’t have the right equipment?
❓Are you worried about how it will change your body?
❓Do you feel like you don’t have time?
❓Do you think you don’t really need it?
❓Are you worried about hurting yourself?

Please share in the comments, I’d love to know.

What you gain with strength training

  • More muscle mass
  • Better bone mass (and reduced risk of osteoporosis)
  • Easier weight management
  • More stable AND more mobile joints
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease

And, the opportunity to become an older women who

  • Can go for a walk without the fear of falling
  • Can open heavy doors on her own
  • Can get inb and out of low cars
  • Can lift up her grandchildren

PS. if you’re stuck and looking for a bit of guidance on where to start, comment TOP10 HERE (Insta) and I’ll send you a link to my ‘Top 10 Essential Strength Training Moves for Women >30’ Guide. (😅 that’s a long name, I really should have chosen something shorter)