Do you spend much time out of shoes?

I’m lucky to work barefoot if I like, and I often do!🦶

There are so many benefits to allowing our feet to carry us at times without the support and cushioning of a shoe:

💮Improved Foot Strength and Mobility: Walking or engaging in activities barefoot allows our feet to move more naturally and use the muscles and ligaments that are often underused when wearing shoes. This can help improve foot strength, flexibility, and overall mobility.
💮Better Balance and Posture: Barefoot activities require more engagement from the muscles in your feet, ankles, and lower legs, which can contribute to improved balance and posture over time. This can be particularly beneficial for preventing falls and reducing the risk of injuries.
💮Enhanced Sensory Feedback: When you’re barefoot, your feet have direct contact with the ground, allowing you to receive sensory information about the texture, temperature, and terrain you’re walking on. This sensory feedback can help you adapt your movements and steps accordingly, potentially reducing the risk of tripping or stumbling.
💮Natural Arch Support: Walking barefoot encourages the natural arches of your feet to function as intended. Our feet are meant to move – yes even roll in at times! Going barefoot blows our muscles the chance to strengthen and support our arches naturally.
💮Potential Pain Relief: Whilst it can be counterintuitive, some people find that going barefoot can alleviate certain foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, by allowing their feet to move more freely and naturally.
💮Grounding Effect and Nervous System Regulation: Going barefoot allows your body to connect directly with the Earth’s surface. This direct contact is called “grounding” or “earthing” and has been proposed to have potential benefits on the nervous system.

Can you get some barefoot time in today?