I’m turning 40 soon and I’m actually feeling fine about the number.

I’ve never found milestone birthdays to be an emotional trigger for me. I mean, I am aware my body is ageing – I’m literally booked in for an eye exam today because I think reading glasses are just around the corner for me  But on the whole, I’m ok with ageing. My Mum has always spoken about ageing positively; about how amazing the self discovery and wisdom that comes with ageing is and I’m sure that has helped my perspective.

Working with so many women as a holistic women’s health physio has also helped me remain optimistic. I get to see first hand what happens when women are committed to learning about their bodies and looking after them. I see how important connection, preventive care, staying active, and maintaining a healthy mindset are for health and wellbeing. And I’m inspired by all of the women I work with.

Recently, I’ve had a few clients ask me if I’m having a midlife crisis. And I’m going to be honest, I have questioned myself! Am I having a midlife crisis? I mean, it’s not a red convertible and a new husband, but I’m definitely feeling a pull to have more adventures and more general need for expansion, so is that my version of a midlife crisis?

Well, personally I think we need to ditch the term midlife crisis and give it a rebrand!

How about instead of ‘crisis’ we call it an awakening, or a reevaluation? How about we see it as a chance to reflect on our life’s accomplishments and our goals for the future; to assess what really brings us joy and fulfilment and to align our lives more closely with our priorities and values?

That feels right to me… What about you? Have you felt a shift like this in your midlife years too?

In all of this reflecting and reevaluating, the one thing I can say I’ve never been more sure of is my purpose here and my vision for GLOW – To build and serve a community of women who feel empowered to look after their bodies and health so that they can live a life of joy and purpose. That’s it. Nothing crazy.

I’m hoping what this means for you is an even stronger community, even greater access to high quality care, and even more support & resources.

If you’d like to share any thoughts about your experience with GLOW or your ideas for content or services you’d like to see from GLOW in the future, please do! I’m here for all of it.