I’ve just had a wake up call. Ok, that might be a bit dramatic… A gentle nudge might be a bit more appropriate.

I’ve just been on a call with Jane Pocock (mum of David Pocock), who I interviewed for my podcast).
We chatted about soooo many things; I really can’t wait for you to hear it! Listen here.

Something I was gently reminded of in our chat was the very real danger of burnout for women, at any age. Even when we’re busy doing things that we enjoy. Or maybe especially when…

I’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment. On top of my usual mama, wife, physio/biz things, I am also:

  • Busy building an online membership which I think is going to be a GAME changer for women (of all ages) to get their strength training needs met in 10mins a day (without a gym). (Click here to stay in the loop on this one)
  • Working with Renata to build an amazing online resource to help pregnant women prepare for and recover from birth
  • Continuing to plan the (now full) Hiking Retreat, which I’m running with Erin in May
  • Generating ideas for my “podcast” & planning more events for Women who GLOW

I’ve always loved variety in my work, and these projects are all things that really light me up because they are so aligned with my mission to empower everyday women with knowledge, tools and support to take care of themselves 


That doesn’t mean I don’t need to rest. That I need to spend every waking minute working towards my mission. That I don’t have other needs screaming to be met.

So, I’m listening to the gentle nudge.

I’m going to have an early night tonight and take a half day tomorrow off to take some time to myself. To get out in nature, or to go for a nice long walk. I’m not sure yet.

I thought I would share this, just in case you too needed a gentle nudge…