I get it – life’s a juggling act and finding time for yourself can feel like a mission impossible.
Between meeting everyone else’s needs and squeezing in the basics like a shower and a meal, the idea of adding exercise might seem like too much.

But let’s chat about something that might be affecting us more than we realise: our perspective.

Sure, there are things totally out of our control – like weather tantrums and unexpected sick days (yours included!). However, there’s a lot within our grasp.

Here are the top 8 beliefs that sometimes sneakily hold us back from that consistent exercise we crave.

1. Exercise Needs to be Hard to be Effective

🚫 Myth: Sweating buckets or sore muscles for days equals a good workout.
✅ Truth: Exercise can be fun, challenging, relaxing or invigorating… depending on the day! It does not need to be a punishment.
❓Question: How can you find joy in movement that suits your body and works for you and your lifestyle?

2. I Need to Exercise to Lose Weight

🚫 Myth: Exercise is solely for shedding pounds.
Truth: To be honest, exercise is just not as relevant to weight loss as you might think. But it does nourish your body, help to improve balance, strength, mobility & function, and it boosts overall health & wellbeing.
Question: Can you redefine the purpose of exercise for your body?

3. I don’t know which type to choose

🚫 Myth: There is just one perfect exercise style or program
✅ Truth: With a different gym on every corner and a gazillion online programs, there have never been so many choices for exercise! But this can lead to overwhelm. Moving your body does not need to be complicated. Choose activities you enjoy, making it more likely to stick with them.
❓Question: How can you simplify exercise? What do you enjoy doing?

4. I’ve Got Pain/Injury/a Condition, So I Should Rest

🚫 Myth: Pain will only get worse with exercise
✅ Truth: Every condition is unique, however almost all are improved with some form of exercise (even if it is modified). Seek the support you need to learn what your body needs so that you can embrace a variety of exercises that make YOU feel good.
❓Question: What additional support / knowledge do you need to better understand your condition and what your body really needs?

5. I’m Not Fit Enough to Start

🚫 Myth: Fitness or a smaller body is a prerequisite for starting exercise
✅ Truth: Everyone begins somewhere. Celebrate your starting point, track your progress and move forward at your own pace.
❓Question: How can you meet your body where it is at?

6. If I Can’t Get a Full Session in, There’s no Point

🚫 Myth: Missing a day or doing half a workout equals failure
✅ Truth: Consistency beats perfection every time (mostly because perfection is not real!) Life happens, and that’s okay. Keep moving forward.
❓Question: What is your bare minimum? What is the bare amount you can do, even on a week where everything seems to be working against you?

7. I’ll Make a Fool of Myself

🚫 Myth: Everyone is watching and judging.
✅ Truth: Most people are way too focused on themselves to notice what you’re doing. Don’t let the mere thought that someone might be judging you get in the way of a happier, healthier relationship with your body.
❓Question: How can you block out the noise and focus on yourself when exercising? Or better yet, can you find a community of people who feel the same to exercise with?

8. Exercise is Just About the Body

🚫 Myth: The only benefits to exercise are physical.
✅ Truth: Exercise positively impacts mental health, stress management, emotional regulation, boosts confidence and enhances overall wellbeing.
❓Question: What are the mental or emotional benefits you notice when you exercise?

No judgment here, just a friendly nudge to explore what could be different for you and embrace the power of small, consistent changes. 🌟

Because, hey, you deserve a healthier, happier relationship with your body 💚

What’s your take on these beliefs, and what small changes can you make?