Making sure I’m getting enough protein into my day is one of the most effective things I do for my wellbeing.⁠ ⁠
And remember there are lots of amazing dieticians, nutritionists & naturopaths who can help you work out the right source & amount of protein for you.⁠

Let’s start with some facts about Protein…

Protein is made from 20+ basic building blocks called amino acids.

Protein can help with:
✅ Keeping you full for longer
✅ Muscle repair & growth
✅ Hormone production
✅ Immune system support
✅ Weight management

Myth 1 – Protein bulks you up

You will not get bulky from consuming an adequate amount of protein for your body. The reality is, most women are under-consuming protein anyway!

It is quite difficult for women to ‘get bulky’ anyway (ask a female body builder!) It usually requires being in a calorie surplus and a LOT of hard work!

Myth 2 – We all need the same amount of protein

Protein needs vary for different people and different activity levels.

The recommended daily intake guidelines suggest we should consume 0.8g per kilogram of bodyweight, however, this is just to prevent deficiency in sedentary people. For women who are very active, the RDI can increase to >1.8g / kg of bodyweight.

Consider tracking your intake for a few days to see where you’re at!

Myth 3 – You should be lifting weights to need protein.

Protein is essential for overall health, muscle repair, and supporting your body’s daily functions.

You don’t need to be lifting weights to benefit from protein, we all need it! But remember, your daily needs will increase the more active you are in general (whether you lift weights or not!)

Myth 4 – All protein is the same

There are Nine essential amino acids that are not produced by the body and so must be sourced through foods.

Some proteins are “Complete” (like meat, eggs, quinoa and soy) and contain all of the 9 essential amino acids and some are “Incomplete” because they lack one or more.

Protein also comes in a “Package” made up of other things – like fats, fibre and sodium.

So the quality and source of the protein we consume is just as important as the amount.

Myth 5 – You need protein shakes & bars to get enough in

Protein supplements like shakes & bars can be a very convenient way to get a quick hit of protein. It’s fine to use them to meet your daily needs (remembering quality is important) but they are not essential.

It’s also good to keep in mind that proteins sourced from whole foods provide the body with a range of micro and macronutrients that protein powders may not contain.

Myth 6 – The more protein the better

Like many things in life, we can have too much of a good thing!

Consuming more protein that we need can cause stomach upset and may also put extra demand on our kidneys.

Myth 7 – It doesn’t matter when you consume your protein

Foods rich in protein are slow digesting, so our bodies are happiest when we spread our protein intake out over the day.

Try aiming to get some form of protein into every meal and choosing snacks that provide some protein as well.

Bonus tip: get your protein in after a workout rather than before. Your energy & stomach will thank you.