Go on, be honest, which of these have you done before..?

Someties it’s easier to start with what NOT to do!

So now that we’re clear on things that might your sore neck angier, let’s talk about what might actually make your sore neck happier!*

✅ Whilst gentle stretching can feel good, most people don’t know how to stretch without a ‘no pain no gain’ mentality. I also find most types of neck pain I treat respond better with reducing stretch on the muscles through chin tucks, movement INTO the sore side, positional tips and sometimes some taping

✅ Try to move as ‘normally’ as possible and keep using the range of movement that you DO have. This will help reduce protective spasm and give your brain lots of positive feedback.

✅ Take regular breaks to practise deep diaphragmatic breathing through the day to get the breath out of your neck and upper chest and into your diaphragm. This will also help to reduce spasm and stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system to help with management of pain.

✅ Break up your day with some variety, especially if youi’re at a desk for work, then in the car to drive home, then scrolling on your phone at night. A few neck & mid back mobility exercises through the day can work wonders

✅ It’s important that you keep moving but if your regular exercise routine includes a lot of heavy overhead weights, pull ups, jumping/jerky movements, then it might be best to tone these down a little until your neck is feeling better. Look for ways to reduce intensity rather than stop altogether if you can.

*please keep in mind that there are many different causes of neck pain. I would ALWAYS recommend a thorough assessment with a good physio first, especially if pain is hanging around or really interfering with life.