🤰 Often with the third trimester comes a shift in our mindset & focus (not to mention organs!) We start turning our mind to the birth itself and what lies beyond a little more. And this can feel as exciting as it does daunting.

One of my most important roles in working with pregnant women is to help them feel empowered with knowledge and confident in their body. For the mamas I see in clinic who are planning a vaginal birth, here are 5 things I like them to know in the lead up…

1️⃣ How to relax their pelvic floor
In the third trimester, we often shift our focus from building strength, power & endurance in the pelvic floor to working on relaxation, range of motion & coordination. This can help prepare the mind as well as the pelvic floor for everything it needs to birth a baby.

2️⃣ How to practice a birth breath
Breathing can be so confusing! I like spending time with women distinguishing between a diaphragmatic breath & a birth breath, practising both & learning when to use each one.

3️⃣ The Why and How of Perineal Massage
Perineal massage can seem quite daunting, and so it’s easy to put it off! But we know it can help reduce the severity of tearing, the incidence of episiotomy or need for assisted delivery and improve recovery. I love helping women understand the WHY but also walk through the HOW step by step, so that they feel less fearful and more empowered!

4️⃣ Different options for labour & birthing positions.
I often explain that we don’t know what our bodies will want and respond to during labour until we get in there! We often practise different birthing positions and chat about the small tweaks that can make a huge difference to the pelvic outlet. This means women go with with lots of tools to draw from in the moment.

5️⃣ That I’m here for them 💕

One of the most important reasons I like to see women in the third trimester is to reconnect- to remind them that I am here and available to answer questions and provide guidance before and after birth.

Get in touch if you feel you’d benefit from a third trimester pregnancy consultation.🌟💕