Suffering from headaches? They might be coming from your neck!

Here are 3 signs to watch out for:

1️⃣ When you push on your neck it reproduces the pain – If you’ve noticed a bit of massage or pressing on your neck alters your headache symptoms (for better or worse), there’s a good chance they are ‘neck-related’ headaches. 

2️⃣ It’s on one side only and sits at the base of your head or radiates from back to front of head- you might just have a sense that your headache is ‘coming from your neck’, you might feel the pain radiating from the back of the head, or you might be able to reproduce your headache when you press on the muscles at the base of your skull.

3️⃣ Your neck feels stiff or certain movements trigger the pain – you might have noticed a bit of stiffness or loss of movement in your neck (eg it feels harder to do a shoulder check when driving). Or maybe your headache is brought on by a certain neck movement (eg. looking over your shoulder) or a sustained position (eg. stomach sleeping)

BONUS sign:
Physiotherapy treatment quickly improves your headaches! Sometimes we don’t know how much the neck is contributing until we treat it!

Hope this helps 💙