Did you know ow that Menopause could be marked as just one day on your calendar? 📅

Perimenopause on the other hand… it is different.

It’s the (often gradual) onset of signs associated with hormonal changes that start for women in their 30s to mid-40s (ie the majority of my clients 👀).

Signs like:
💮hot flushes/flashes
💮irregular menstrual cycle
💮sleep disturbances
💮joint aches and pains
💮vaginal dryness
💮brain fog
💮back pain
💮increase in bladder problems like UTIs and incontinence…

All sounds like fun, doesn’t it 😜?

Well, the good news is that, with a few tweaks to:
❤️ your exercise routine
❤️ what you eat and drink
❤️ your sleep
…these symptoms can be significantly reduced (yep, even the hot flushes 🥵)

Keen to know more? Stick around here- I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks.