I see a lot of women in clinic who don’t count walking as exercise. It doesn’t even factor in for them when I ask them if they’re currently exercising.

I get it.

Once upon a time, I used to believe that walking didn’t make the cut as exercise either.
It’s something we just have to do to get around; a pedestrian activity if you will 🚶‍♀️

But the thing is, I’ve always enjoyed going for a walk. There’s something about the repetition of putting one foot in front of the other. Not being able to move any faster than my body allows me to go. Moving at a pace that I can properly take in my surroundings…

🤔 But surely exercise shouldn’t be so enjoyable. It’s meant to feel hard right?

But the thing was, I ALWAYS felt better after a good walk too. Whether it was the fresh air, the rhythmic movement, or the chance to clear my head, there was an undeniable boost in mood and energy. It felt like a mini-reset button for my day.

🤔 But you’re meant to be sore after exercise for it to be effective, right?

These were the beliefs that meant I discounted walking as exercise.

I don’t discount it now.

Because I KNOW intellectually that walking offers so many benefits for my muscles, my bones, and my overall health.

I FEEL the befits in my mind, my mood and my nervous system.

And I ENJOY the process. Which means I actually do it.

What are your thoughts on walking for exercise? Do you think it counts?