I forgot my shoes at school drop off recently

My first feeling was frustration. Because I knew the grass would be wet and my feet would get grassy, and I just didn’t leave myself enough time to deal with wet grassy get before my first class this morning!

But the second my feet hit the ground, I was reminded of how good it feels to get my bare feet onto the earth

And I was also reminded of ALL of the actual benefits, like:

💮Improved Foot Strength and Mobility: our feet move more naturally and the muscles and ligaments that are often underused when wearing shoes get a bit of action

💮Better Balance and Posture: more engagement is required barefoot from the muscles in your feet, ankles, and lower legs, which can contribute to improved balance and posture over time.

💮Enhanced Sensory Feedback: when you’re barefoot, your feet have direct contact with the ground, allowing you to receive sensory information about the texture, temperature, and terrain you’re walking on.

💮Natural Arch Support: the natural arches of your feet function as intended because our feet are actually meant to move – yes even roll in at times!

💮Potential Pain Relief: the increased mobility and muscle activation required can help in the long term with symptoms of some types of plantar fasciitis and tendon pathologies

🌟 💮 (MY FAVE) Grounding Effect and Nervous System Regulation: connecting directly with the Earth’s surface. Has a “grounding” or “earthing” and has been proposed to have potential benefits on the nervous system.

Can you get some barefoot time in today?