You can absolutely get strong enough in 10mins a day (just ask the ladies in my GLOW10 tribe 😉 )

➡️ But first, you need to ask yourself what does ‘STRONG ENOUGH’ mean to you?

The reality is, Most of us are not training for elite sports, marathons or competitive weightlifting 🏋🏻‍♀️

💪 Most of us just want to be strong enough to lift our kids or grandkids, run around in the yard or kick a ball
💪 Strong enough to bring a more grocery bags in at once than we should.
💪 Strong enough to not get pain if we go for a long walk or run.
💪 Strong enough to help move the furniture around without injuring ourselves.
💪 Strong enough to stay mobile & active as we get older.
💪 Strong enough to keep our bones, muscles & heart healthy as we age.
💪 Strong enough to ENJOY our lives and do the things we WANT to do without our bodies getting in the way.

With the clever programming & a good understanding of strength training g principles, strong enough can be achieved in 10 mins a day.
And I KNOW you have 10 mins a day 😉

And if you are looking for a kick ass community of women (in all seasons of life), who are working together to build stronger bodies in less time and with more confidence, get your butt on the the waitlist for the next GLOW10 I take in July 💙