I don’t know if I’m reading into things too much…but I think I just started a podcast

Ok, there was definitely no professional equipment or extensive research involved… But I’ve had this pull for a while to interview other women. Specifically women who look like they have it all together, but feel like a hot mess inside (just like the rest of us). I guess I want to pull back the veil on ‘Women who GLOW’, to reveal the fact that the ‘glow’ we see is actually just sweat.

So, after the thought popped into my head again this morning for the 234th time, and abuzz with two strong coffees in my system, I went ahead and interviewed someone (it’s a surprise who)! As in, just now.

 Just hit record on zoom and did it.

And because I tend to err on the side of impulsive (although I much prefer the word spontaneous because it makes me sound fun), I’m sharing it here with you. It’s 45mins-ish long and the sound quality is all over the shop, but if want to give it a listen and find out who I interviewed, you’re only allowed to do so on the condition that you tell me what you think! And tell me if you want more.

Listen to my interview