I’ve been throwing weights around for many years now, long before booties were in and instagram was full of women doing squats in the gym (tbh it was actually well before instagram was even a thing and for the record, I’ve never had an insta-worthy butt)

Anyway…just like all of the other human beings out there, I have gone through many waves of inconsistency, but the things I LOVE about having a stronger body when I AM being more consistent are not necessarily the things you would expect…

They are things like:

😰 Less aches, pains & niggles:
Stronger muscles do a better job of supporting your joints and the variety in movement you get from training also irons out quite a few niggly wrinkles!

🤸🏻‍♀️ Feeling more flexible:
Working your muscles through their FULL range often leads to increased length in the muscles & more mobility in the joints.

🧘‍♀️Not feeling the urge to stretch as much:
The feeling of tension in our muscles often makes us feel the urge to stretch them, but so often muscles hold tension when they are WEAK not just TIGHT. So stronger muscles often don’t feel like they need to be stretched as muscle!

🛋️ Not having to wait for anyone else to rearrange Furniture:
There’s just something empowering about being able to move heavy stuff on your own!

🔥 Feeling more motivated to move because things just feel easier:
As your strength increases, moving feels easier, so your regular daily activities become more effortless, and exercise often becomes more enjoyable. This does wonders for motivation.

What’s your favourite unexpected perk of having a stronger body?