I’m keeping things short and sweet today, something that’s easy to read and quick to digest.

You ready?

  1. I saw a quote this week by Brene Brown (love Brene) – “If you don’t want to burnout, stop living like you’re on fire.” Don’t you just love a good metaphor you can visualise? Signs I might be currently living like I’m on fire  = listening to my (only educational) podcasts on 1.5 speed, eating my last 4 lunches in the car at 2pm 
  2. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 every day this week, despite the sudden drop in temperatures, to do an early co-workout week with my GLOW10 Tribe. It was meant to be a motivational booster for them, but I think I might just be getting even more out of it! The pre-sunrise skies for one are delightful.
  3. Until yesterday, our three children (7-11yrs) have ALL relied on Cormac or I to be in their rooms to fall asleep. Every night.  I was reminded of the sleep training idea when they were babies- “If it’s not an problem for you, its not an problem for you.” Well, it we’ve suddenly decided it’s a problem for us. So we had a family meeting, decided on the goal of getting themselves to sleep, with the reward being a family fun day in the school holidays. They all fell asleep, on their own (with only a couple of protests) in 20mins  (seriously, what have we been doing all this time )
  4. I had a thought yesterday – What if we just decided that our ideal body is the one we are in right now? I’m going to go down a rabbit hole on this one and do a post on it this week, because it somehow feels profound to me.
  5. I came up with the idea of GLOWFlows this week. Short little videos made up of 3-5 exercises that target specific conditions or symptoms. I’m all about the small changes for big impact, and I’ve never found a condition that doesn’t improve with some type of movement. I’m going to share one in most of these newsletters (and build a library of them for my GLOW10 Tribe) so please share your requests and let me know your thoughts.