I love seeing women for their second wry neck or low back injury.

I mean, I don’t LOVE that it’s happened again for them, but I love to see the difference that one experience with this type of pain/injury has on their subsequent experiences.

The first time I see them I often spend time helping them
👉🏼find ways they can move without pain
👉🏼to understand the difference between discomfort they can move into and pain that means stop.
👉🏼to understand what is happening in their brain vs what is happening in their tissues

The second time I see them, they are usually much more confident.

They have resumed their old exercises and already discovered other ways they can move without pain.

They have already found relieving positions and movements and have way less protective spasm.

And they tend to recover more quickly, with a more positive mindset, and with less overall impact on their day to day function.

Having a sense of control over our pain experience is possible. But it rarely comes with complete rest, waiting it out, pushing through with a ‘no pain no gain’ mentality, or getting a specific ‘diagnosis’.