I hear these two terms get confused a lot, and sometimes I hear them used interchangeably!

So for those of you who could do with a brush up…

Osteoporosis (OP)

➡️ involves a decrease in bone mineral density and bone mass, causing a decrease in bone strength and increased risk of fractures/broken bones.
😓 It doesn’t usually cause pain (unless there is a fracture)
🔎 Diagnosed with a bone density scan (or DEXA)
🙌 Exercise is one of the most effective forms of prevention and treatment for OP, but it’s also managed with medication, diet & supplementation.
💪 Best exercise – a combination of Resistance, impact and balance exercises are KEY to maximising bone strength, improving body strength & balance and reducing falls risk

Osteoarthritis (OA)

➡️ involves degeneration (wearing down) of the cartilage that lines the joints
😓 It can cause pain, stiffness and swelling of the affected joints, during or after activity
🔎 Diagnosed with Xray
🙌 Exercise is effective in both the prevention and treatment of OA, with other treatments including medication for symptom relief and in some cases, surgery.
💪 Best exercise- a combination of cardio, resistance and specific joint mobility exercises to reduce symptoms like pain and stiffness, manage weight and improve function.

So next time someone says to you, ‘I have a bit of osteo’, ask them which type!