I was chatting to my 6 year old the other day. He was complaining that I was watching a video on my phone after I’d asked him to turn screens off (you know, “it’s not fair” and all of that…) Well, I happened to be watching a workshop for a course I’m doing at the moment, but when I explaining that I was actually learning something, he just wouldn’t believe me.

“Adults don’t keep learning things. They already know all the things!”

Cue: monologue of me talking about the importance of life-long learning, being open to new things, yada yada yada (poor kid was probably sorry he said anything ).

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because I think we could all do with a reminder every now and then that our brains are designed to change.

Brains are plastic, and they keep changing forever.

When we practice something for just 5mins each day, we can create new pathways within days, and solidify them into automatic pathways within a few weeks. And automatic things are wayyyy easier to stick to. This is why consistency beans motivation every.single.time.

Which brings me to my free walking challenge! 7 days, choose your walking goal, receive some 10min bonus boosters to do at home, and be held accountable by meeeeee with regular check-ins! We start on Monday the 18th March, and there will be a prize for the most consistent & engaged participant (not for the person who walks the most steps )

Hoping to see you in the challenge, if not in the studio soon!

PS. What is one habit wish was more automatic for you? Please share! I love this stuff