_IGP0557I have now been working as a mobile physio for almost a year and a half. This has come after 10 years of working in private practice in the setting that most of you are familiar. It was all I knew, and I enjoyed it. I felt I was doing a good job, that I had variety and great professional satisfaction…until I became a mobile physio…

Here are my 3 favourite things about being a mobile physio and why I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

1. You are more relaxed

There’s no doubt about it. Treating my clients in their own home makes for a much more relaxed environment. You are in your own environment (maybe even still in your pyjamas!), you’ve got your TV / own music on and the kids / dogs / cats are playing. You haven’t had to find a babysitter, rush out the door, battle traffic, find a car park, sit in a waiting room and know that a half hour appointment is going to take up an hour and a half of your day. You are just more relaxed and, as a result, so am I.

2. I can do a better job

I can honestly say that being mobile makes me a better physio. Not only can I spend more time with you and do a more thorough job, but seeing you in your own environment is SO useful. Rather than just asking what your pillow at home is like, or what your shoes are like or what your desk set up is like, I can SEE them with my own eyes! I can watch how you sit to breastfeed, or how you put your toddler into the bath, or whether your pillow / shoes have had it. Honestly, this saves a LOT of back and forth and gives me some great clues about other factors that might be contributing to your pain.

3. My clients are amazing

Ok, I might be a bit bias… but I’m sure I have the most loyal and understanding clients in town. Here’s the thing about being treated in your own home – once you’ve done it, you won’t go back. This is great news for me, because I get to keep seeing you for all of your aches and pains (new and old) PLUS you are quick to tell your friends & family about me. I’ve also been amazed at how flexible and understanding my clients can be. Most of you know I have kids who occasionally get sick, that there are traffic jams I occasionally have to battle and that I am doing my best to find times to suit everyone. As a result, I have been told by clients ‘if someone needs an appointment urgently, feel free to reschedule mine to next week’, and ’you can always move my appointment if it helps you avoid traffic’. Seriously, how lucky am I?


Yes, my job involves carrying a bit of equipment, doing a lot of driving, using a lot of public bathrooms and eating on the go…But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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