Strong Mama Package

GLOW’s Strong Mama Package is designed to be used in the first 12-18 months postpartum, and aims to:

Provide support and guidance to have you feeling strong in your body again

Help you feel confident in how and when to progress or modify exercise

Help minimise the risk of common post-partum pains

Help you to set health habits that stick and support you in building a stronger body

Give you guidance on returning to exercise so that you can feel strong and capable

GLOW’s Strong Mama Package includes:


An Initial Physiotherapy Consultation, which includes:

  • full, comprehesive post-partum assessment and recovery from birth
  • assessment of your muscle strength mobility & function so that we can identify your strengths and deficits
  • a discussion of your history, holistic health & future goals
  • strategies to reduce or manage any pain, injury or symptoms that are getting in the way
  • development of a comprehensive plan to help you work towards your goals

A tailored home or gym exercise program which can be accessed online, including:

  • a combination of strength, mobility, core, pelvic floor & functional exercises tailored according to your assessment
  • progression and modification  of your exercises to keep you moving forward

Ongoing access to Physiotherapist for 12 weeks

  • Via email / text / phone call for any questions that pop up along the way

3 x subsequent physiotherapy consultations over 12 weeks *One of these can be upgraded to a consultation with a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist if required

  • to reassess your movement, strength & function so that we can progress or modify your training plan as needed
  • to provide hands on and self-management strategies for any pain or symptoms that may present

Access to Online Resources

  • Such as habit trackers, training logs and recorded workouts to support your home / gym training program

A FREE semi-private reformer Pilates Class

  • including Pilates reformer work and weights/strength training
  • bub is welcome!

Package only $487


Package upgrade options:

* Pelvic floor physio consultation for one of the appointments (additional $20)

* Upgrade to home / gym appointments (additional $30/session)

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