You might already know this if you’ve been around here for a while, but my 11 year old is obsessed with Lego. He once told me has 3 great loves in his live. His Family. His Friends. And Lego.

Anyway, Lego Masters is on TV at the moment and he lives for it.

The problem is, Lego Masters is on free to air TV and with all of the ads, it doesn’t finish until 8:45pm. This is an hour past his normal bedtime and it then takes him another hour to verbally recap the whole episode and wind down from the excitement of it all. Plus it’s on 3 nights in a row.

So I’ve been torn every night as to whether I let him watch it or just wait for the recap.

But then he told me this. He told me that his 2 best friends at school are watching it too. And not just that, but that they talk about it non stop the next day; they can’t wait to find out what each other thought about the builds and the challenge winners. He is so excited to get to school and hear their thoughts and opinions.

Doubt eradicated.

It brought me back to the pre-‘Netflix-everything-on-demand’ era, when we used to have to wait until a certain day and time to watch the season finale of a show. It reminded me of the anticipation of it all, and the excitement to debrief with your friends who had watched it too.

There’s something so powerful about shared experiences & rituals.

In fact, I heard it on a podcast just this week referred to as Collective Effervescence – a term which describes the “intense energy and excitement that arises when people come together in a group and participate in a shared activity.”

I feel a sort of ‘collective effervescence’ every day in the GLOW studio with women moving & connecting with each other.

I’ve been feeling it within our new GLOW Tribe, as the women have been learning & working to build a new skill, with a common goal.

I feel it in my book club, where we all try to finish reading the same book as each other (mostly) in time for our monthly dinner to (sort of) discuss.

I felt it sitting amongst the crowd on Sunday as we watched James Taylor play live at Sirromet.

And it reminds me that there is value in what I see as my purpose – to empower and support a community of women with the collective goal of feeling better in their bodies.

I’d love to know, when was the last time you felt the JOY of Collective Effervescence? (And also, how cool is that word??)