Did you move your body today?

If you didn’t, did you plan to at some stage?
Did you think about it through the day, wondering if you’d run out of time to fit it in?
Did you beat yourself up a bit for not making time for it?

We think WAY more about exercise when we’re NOT doing it.
We plan what sort of exercise we will do, and when we’ll fit it in.
In the moment, we’ll think about whether we really ‘feel like it’ or not
We’ll beat ourselves up because we didn’t do it.
We’ll decide we’re lazy & unmotivated, or that it’s just too much for us right now.

All of that mental energy WASTED on something that didn’t even happen!

Because we forget that the hardest part is starting.
When we JUST START, everything shifts.
Our planned & ‘forced’ actions become habits & routines, and these habits compound over time.
Doing the thing becomes easier and takes less mental energy.
Action leads to motivation.
And we stop think about it so much because we become the person who just does the thing.