I’ve just finished putting together my first ever online course, and it has basically involved me getting a system that I use all the time out of my head and onto paper.

There is a lot swirling around in that head, let me tell you, and not all of it is filed into neat, little labelled brain folders 

Anyway, the progress really made me think…

I’ve been describing the program as ‘the exact system I use with my clients to build core strength from the inside out’. But the truth is, it’s not the exact system I use. It’s the exact system I’d like to use with my clients, but often don’t get the chance to use, because it would involve multiple appointments over weeks & months.

And what it’s made me realise is that when it comes to building strength or recovering from birth or rehabbing an injury, most people skip step 2!

Here is what the process would normally look like:

Step 1 – Acute Phase. Early healing from birth or an injury, management of acute pain.

This is when you might see me for help with managing your pain or getting guidance on moving your body and optimising your healing.

Step 2 – (metaphorical, because it actually involves multiple steps) – Every day life.

Progressing from getting out of pain / healing phase to preparing your body to cope with everyday life things with confidence.

Step 3 – Returning to the things you LOVE.

Things like running, sport, rock climbing, gym – basically the higher level things that require more of your body, but also bring you more joy and fulfilment.

Just 3 steps. Sounds simple, right? ha, I know, it’s not…it does require a bit of effort…And life often gets in the way.

So what most people do, is either:

➡️ Do Step 1 and that’s where it ends – this is when you feel ‘better enough’ to just get on with life. But you still get a bit of pain with everyday things and you still don’t feel strong in your body.

➡️ Do Step 1, assume that time replaces Step 2, and then try to do Step 3 without doing the work – this is the Mama who has her 6 week assessment and then, without doing anything specific to prepare, tries going for a run at 6 months postpartum. Or the woman who has 1-2 sessions of physio until she gets out of pain, and then tries returning to the gym 3 weeks later without doing anything specific to prepare.

Time (unfortunately) does not make up for Step 2. Even a lot of time.

So you know I want to hear about it – When have you tried to skip Step 2? Did you get away with it? Or did you end up having to go back to the start (do not pass go, do not collect $200)?