Tubigrip is a compression garment that can be worn on your tummy either during pregnancy, or after you have had your baby. It is of most benefit when you are active, either carrying out day to day tasks or walking, and should be removed overnight or if you sleep during the day.

When you are pregnant

Tubigrip can help support your ‘bump’ whilst you are pregnant, reducing strain on your muscles and ligaments and it may help reduce back or pelvic pain.

Initially when you first put the Tubigrip on, your baby may become quite active, then your baby should settle down into the normal waking/sleeping pattern. If your baby does not seem to settle at all when the Tubigrip is on, take it off and contact your physiotherapist.

Please keep in mind that you may require a larger size of Tubigrip as your ‘bump’ grows – your physiotherapist will advise you.

After pregnancy

If you have been given Tubigrip after you have had your baby, this is to support your tummy muscles whilst they recover from the changes that they have gone through during pregnancy. It can also provide some support to your lower back and pelvis to reduce ache.

It is most effective when used in the first 6-8 weeks. During this time, you may notice the tubigrip does not provide as much compression (as your tummy shrinks). You can choose to either move towards a smaller size, another compression garment or go without if your physiotherapist has recommended you do so.

Instructions for Use:

  • With the tubigrip doubled over, sit down and place both feet in the tubigrip (folded end first)
  • Wiggle your hips as you pull it up until it sits under your bra line.
  • Ideally wear over underwear but underneath outer clothing.
  • Ensure smooth fit with minimal bumps or ridges.
  • The fit should be supportive but comfortable – not excessively tight. You should be able to take a deep breathe comfortably, move and bend as usual if the garment is correctly fitted correctly.
  • Wear during the day as comfortable.
  • Remove if uncomfortable or too warm.
  • Do not wear at night/when sleeping as the garment can roll up and cause discomfort.
  • If you require less support, you can cut the tubigrip into a single-layer piece.
  • Hand wash gently in cold water and line dry (don’t put in dryer).
  • Some fraying of the cut edge is to be expected. You may trim this with scissors.
  • It is unusual to have an allergy to Tubigrip, but skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy. If you do develop a rash or itching under the Tubigrip, try wearing it