1. Making people think the NEED me – The end goal for me is not to see you (for this issue)_ again; to give you the tools and knowledge to know you’ve got this
  2. Showing off my knowledge of long, Latin words – Me throwing a heap of anatomical terms at you (unless you know them too) is not for your benefit. It’s for my ego and is unlikely to empower you.
  3. Never putting my hands on people – This one’s a bit controversial because of the strength of evidence for hands-on techniques varies… But I believe there can be huge power in the experienced use of hands-on treatment (especially in it’s impact on the nervous system and client beliefs).
  4. Short Appointments – The amount of time I USED to see people for as a new grad is how long I take just to chat to someone now. I don’t like feeling rushed or doing the rushing, I don’t like feeling like I missed a certain question OR that I could have done a much better job, if only I had more time.
  5. Treating the body part and not the person – Focusing solely on the body part RARELY gets results. When we consider it in the context of the WHOLE person – how they move their entire body, what their beliefs are, what their gaols are, how much sleep they’re getting… we can start turning the right dials for the most impact.
  6. Six styles of Physio that aren’t for me – I am just not cut out for this style of practice. I remember the days I used to work like this, and my mind was in a jumble of names, faces & body parts by the end of the day. It’s just not conducive to a job well done for this introvert!