Serola Pelvic Support Belt


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The Serola Sacroiliac (Pelvic Support) Belt provides compressive support to the pelvis. It can be really helpful in providing relief from back pain and pelvic girdle pain like sacro-iliac dysfunction and pubic symphysis dysfunction.

Breathable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic.


For sizing, measure circumference around the hip.

Small: 76.2cm – 86.3cm

Medium: 86.3cm – 101.6cm

Large: 101.6cm – 116.8cm

Extra Large: 116.8cm – 132cm

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Small 76.2cm – 86.3cm, Medium 86.3cm – 101.6cm, Large 101.6cm – 116.8cm, Extra Large 116.8cm – 132cm