Can you actually build strength in 10mins a day?
I’ve build my whole GLOW10 Tribe membership on it!

My ‘Strong enough’ body is one that
💪🏻 feels good to be in
💪🏻 allows me to have all the fun and adventures with my family that I want to
💪🏻 doesn’t give me a pain
💪🏻 makes everyday things feel easy
💪🏻 allows me to lift and move heavy things if I want to
💪🏻 continues to allow me to do ALL the things unrestricted well into my old lady years

That means my training needs to:
✅ build lean muscle mass + bone mass
✅ stimluate my metabolism
✅ keep my joints healthy & mobile
✅ give me more energy rather than drain me
✅ improve my mood & hormone balance

Here is my no fluff formula:
Supersets ➕ Smart programming ➕ Adaptable mindset 🟰 Strong Enough Body in 10mins/day

Alternating between 2 exercises and making sure they’re hard enough cuts down training time and increases the intensity of the workout (bang for buck!)

Smart Programming ->
Pairing the right exercises on the right days over the course of a week means each muscle group can be worked at least twice/week AND still get the recovery they need to get stronger.

Adaptable Mindset ->
Adaptability might just be the secret sauce for Consistency. Both in terms of what we do and when we do it.
Having lots of different ways to do a similar exercise means we can make things harder / easier or just work around the equipment we’ve got and still get results. And being adaptable about when we train means we don’t write off the whole day if we have a shocker of a morning – we can just squeeze the workout in later in the day or stack two 10min workouts together the next day.

Keen to have someone else take care of the formula for you? get in touch!