This one is for the Mums with babies/toddlers on their hips! 👶

If you find yourself spending long periods of time with a 5month-2year old on your hip, you have likely experienced this before.

It often shows up on one side, low in the back, sometimes radiating into the butt or to the side of the hip.

If you’re in the thick of this right now, comment MUMBACK below and I’ll send you my favourite exercises for this 🙌

One of the best ways I teach the Mums I see to manage & prevent this build up, is by evening up the load when they’re holding their little one.

For example, if you are holding your baby on your right side, practise:
➡️ Shifting weight into the left side to make sure weight is evenly distributed (This will automatically make your abdominals work harder, and you might even feel some strain around your opposite hip)
➡️ Actively ‘grow tall’ so that your ribcage is stacked over your pelvis
➡️ Engage your right obliques by Imagining your right side front of rib cage is anchoring down onto your top of pelvis (without actually moving)
➡️ Mix up how you cart your little one around – back carrier, front carrier, pram, trolley