Here’s the thing.

Doing your pelvic floor exercises, drinking more water, increasing your protein intake and cutting out screens before bed are all solid habits. They ALL have the potential to transform how you feel.

But here’s the kicker – trying to do them all at once is a recipe for defeat & maybe a touch of self flagellation 🫣.

To up your chances of success, focus on mastering one habit at a time. 🎯

Start with the one that you think will make the biggest difference OR the low hanging fruit 🍎

Start small ➡ build momentum ➡ and watch as those tiny wins add up to big results.

Maybe it’s committing to those pelvic floor exercises every day for a week. Or making hydration your priority for a month. Whatever it is – nail it, then move on to the next.⠀

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, people! 🏛️