When I asked Mums if they’re exercising, I often hear “No, just running around after the kids”

So does running around after your kids actually count as exercise? And if so, how much?

Well the answer is yes…and no!

Let’s start with the YES:

It absolutely definitely counts for something.
In fact it’s even got an acronym!
VILPA =  vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity.
By definition, VILPA means short bursts of vigorous activity that we do at least three times every day. Things like: running for the bus, housework, walking uphill..and yep! Playing tag with the kids while you wait for the school bus.

Research suggests that VILPA done for a few minutes each day has positive benefits on our cardiovascular health, cancer risk & mortality.

Now onto the NO…

VILPA should still be complementary to the other things we are doing.

It can’t make up for the WHO recommendations of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity / at least 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity each week, along with a couple of strength-based activities.

It also isn’t necessarily going to make up for the fact that you’re not doing exercises for your sore knee or painful shoulder.

BUT, it’s something! And doing some VILPA is better than doing none!

So next time your kids ask you to play tag and you just couldn’t.be.bothered. Say yes, and at least you can tick your VILPA off for the day 😉