Many of the new mums I see start complaining of neck and upper back pain, headaches and tension associated with breastfeeding, but not right away.

For many it starts to build around the 10-12 week mark.

So when I se my new mums early for their postnatal assessment (which I love to start super early), I figure it’s a great time to get one the some preventative tips!

Here are my top 3 that seem to have the biggest impact:
💮 Use a lumbar support – a little rolled up towel in the small of your back will do just fine, something just to support the inward curve in your lumbar spine and help you stay on your sit bones when sitting

💮 Relaxed, not Perfect – you’re going to be spending a lot of time in this position so you might as well get comfortable! Lots of mums I see think they need to be sitting up perfectly straight to avoid pain, but often I find this builds more pain attention from fatigue. Look for a chair you can relax back into; something that supports your upper back and head too, so that you’re supported and relaxed

💮 Variety- as with all static postures, variety is key! Try recline-feeding, side-lying feeding, a different chair- whatever tickles your fancy! Just don’t forget to mix it up.

💙 BONUS tip! Start building a bit of thoracic/midback mobility into your day, or in between feeds. Cat cow, thread the needle, back extension over a towel – these are all great ways to maintain the range of movement in your thoracic spine, and can help you avoid getting stiff and sore.

Reach out if your pain has gotten away from you. I can help