Word is well and truly out that Pilates is good for us. It offers so many benefits, from improved strength & flexibility to enhanced coordination, body awareness and posture. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Well sometimes just knowing something is good for you isn’t enough. And sometimes it has more to do with your experience or expectations of Pilates, than the practice itself!

Here are the top 3 reasons why people don’t like doing Pilates:

“I tried it and just didn’t like it”

Usually this is because you didn’t like the instructor, it wasn’t really Pilates or you didn’t like the space/venue. Think about the class/es you didn’t like and ask yourself:

  • Did the instructor really know what I was about? Did they know my limitations, goals, strengths & weaknesses? If the answer is no, then find one that does
  • Did the majority of the class feel like an ab workout? Did the instructor have Pilates or physio qualifications? Some large group classes are marketed as ‘Pilates’ but they are more like ab strength classes. Pilates is not all about your abdominals.
  • Did you feel comfortable in the class space? If you felt like you were too unfit, too overweight or just being judged, the venue was not for you. Try one that has a better feel – you should know as soon as you walk in.

“I hurt myself doing Pilates”

Every now and then someone does hurt themselves doing a Pilates. Like all forms of exercise, injuries do happen! But they happens far less often in a class that is run by someone who knows what they’re doing, who knows your body, and who tailors the class/program to suit you.

“I just can’t commit to it”

This is actually a really common one and I think far more often thought than it is said. A common misconception is that you need to do Pilates at least 3x/week to realise any benefit. This is particularly off-putting for people who feel pressed for time and by people who like to do a mix of other exercise. But it is simply NOT true. I am often AMAZED at the gains I see in people who are doing Pilates once/week. Because of the improvements in motor control, body awareness and coordination, improvements appear to be maintained much better than in other forms of exercise.

So, are there any other reasons you don’t like Pilates?

Let us change your mind. GLOW Physio provides private and small group Pilates sessions in your own home. It’s important to us that your program is both safe and challenging and that it brings you closer to your goals. Just get in touch to find out more!

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