1. Connect to your Pelvic Floor

  1. Including:
    The sensation of squeeze, lift and hold
    The sensation of full relaxation
  2. Building up areas of deficit: This might mean working on

    … Depending on your needs

2. Diaphragmatic Breathing

  1. 360 degree expansion on an inhale / Long slow exhale
  2. Try using a towel –
    Wrap a towel around your lower ribcage and cross it over at the front
    Breathe into the towel in all directions
    Exhale slowly, quietly and gently
    Give yourself a little “squeeze” at the end and repeat

3. Stack your head over your spine

Use a wall for reference (stand with your back against it)
Tuck your chin in gently
Aim for minimal effort in the superficial neck muscles

Watch the video here